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4x4 Off-Road Adventures with MissionGO

Off-Roading with a Purpose  -  targeted dates in Oct, Nov 2021

Experience international travel in an entirely new way - avoid the tourists, overpriced attractions, and get off the beaten path with MissionGO 4x4 off-road trips. But with a PURPOSE.

The best way to see and visit any area is to get off the beaten track. It’s only then that you can see the best of what an area has to offer by way of its people, its customs and of course, the scenery. That’s a great deal of motivation when trip planning. 

You will see the exquisite natural beauty and most remote parts of Sierra Leone explore the salt-sprayed beaches of the Western Region, where palm trees bow to the Atlantic Ocean and old colonial fortresses crumble on the clifftops.

As you head inland, to where chimps roam the Guinean forests, and colobus monkeys tread the undergrowth of the savannah woods wind your way down the cascading green hills of the Western Area, right to the edge of its horseshoe bay.

The capital of Freetown is a fine place to begin your travels in the country. You will see what we mean as you move between the powdery sands of Lakka Beach and Lumley, in the Aberdeen district.  Overnight on the shore of the South Atlantic Ocean before
heading into the savannah of an inland forest, where one of your first stops will visit the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, where mind-boggling primates will swing above as you hike through the forest.

(40 minutes outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Tacugama is set high in the hills of the Western Area Forest Reserve. The 100-acre sanctuary is 10 minutes past the historic mountain village of Regent. To come and see the chimpanzees at Tacugama)

Welcome to Tokeh Beach bamboo parasols rustle in the Atlantic breezes; sands shimmer in gleaming yellow-golden hues; the salty whitecaps of the ocean buffet the palm-peppered shore. Followed by a retreat at John Obey possibly a lost paradise.

As we travel inland….The people of Sierra Leone welcome visitors and are proud to show off their country. There are few social restrictions, though sensitivity is suggested in the more rural areas. English is widely spoken in Freetown though Krio and tribal languages are more prevalent in the countryside. Translators are available.

Along the way, you have the opportunity to meet the local people that still thrive in these environments and experience their customs, cuisine, and other aspects of their culture. In this part of the world, sunset means lights out. Unless of course, you are lighting up with solar power. Which we use in the village of Mokanji. A service area of over 7000 people without an ongoing medical presence. A dirt road, a village, and water wells run with submersible pumps.

West Africa has also taught me to be humble, has put me back in touch with what’s important, and made me appreciate everything I was taking for granted. The trip team will be bringing water filters to remote villages.


Now comes the aspect of helping the people we will visit.

Your drivers and travel leader are well experienced in the customs and the languages as we travel through the villages.

MissionGO is a well-established outreach in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to make a long-lasting impact in the lives of those in the country without access to clean drinking water. 

MissionGO as Charity has a great partnership with Sawyer International to bring clean, safe drinking water to Sierra Leone, you will be part of making that happen. We have life-changing water filtration technology, but we also need more help getting these filters delivered and the people trained in the use of these filters.

Your base camp will be in Mokanji Hills and is located in the Southern Province, Sierra Leone. Located about 5 hours drive outside of the capital city of Freetown. Over the next week we will reach out to various remote village sites in our 4X4 bring these clean water filters to the village households.

We will then travel back to the International Airport where we spend one more day on the seaside before flying back to North America.

The trip includes the delivery and set-up of 400 filters for households in Sierra Leone.

Approximate Trip Cost:  Packages are approximately $1,495 USD for a 12-Day trip. Packages include all accommodations, travel, and food while in-country.  Plus, airfare and international documents required, from your location to Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  (cost may vary depending on the number of people on an itinerary or season.)

Dennis and Tammie Campbell, your host and travel leaders.

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