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Helping the helpless in India

We have an old-age home and a flourishing prison ministry. We are so blessed to have been called into His service...
Samuel and I have been with MissionGO since 1983.  We have learned so many wonderful things over the years and God has really led us every step of the way. 

We were in Dubai, working in the government hospital for many years.  God called us for the work of the Lord in India.  Rev. John Mar asked us to come to Canada for Bible Studies at the Prairie Bible Institute.  We were to stay for four years, but as it turned out we ended up staying for 8 years so we could finish our education in the Prairie Bible Institute, Winnipeg Bible College, Saskatchewan Bible College, and the Canadian Theological Seminary.  My husband received a Master of Divinity in 1983.  Then the Lord led us to Global and we left Canada and went to India to serve in the Calcutta Bible College for one year and for four years we worked in Varanasi.  In 1989 we went to Madurai serving the Lord for His glory.

About four years ago, we felt led to start an old-age home. (I think you call them Nursing Homes in North America).  We currently have 36 elderly folks from age 60 to 89 years of age - some of them have been kicked out by their own children and two of them were literally found on the road and were picked up by local pastors and brought to us.  Every one of them is now happy, contented and they hear the gospel twice a day - morning and evening.  We have prayer meetings and through all of this 15 have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and were baptized.  We praise the Lord for MissionGO who accepted our ministry and sent us back to our own country where we can be useful to the Lord.

We are having a little bit of an issue just now.  Our building is put up in a half front acreage and lately, lots of snakes have been found.  Four of them were creeping inside the premises, two were cobras and two were vipers.  At the right time, we were able to get rid of them and no one was harmed.  They are coming in because we do not have a wall around the compound and we don't have the resources to do so yet, but in the Lord's timing, He will provide.

Our other ministry is in the Madurai Central Jail.  There are 2,600 inmates there.  It is a joy to serve these people because Ebenezer's father served there for 30 years and every Sunday we go to this prison and present the gospel.  There are prisoners who have killed their wives, their mother, or their father and they are crying inside.  We tell them - the Lord Jesus Christ alone can forgive your sins.  There is no one else who can forgive your sins.  They cry and accept the Lord as their Saviour.  It is a joy - these people come to know the Lord. 

We are very much involved in Medical missions to reach the unreached, poor and illiterate people of South India for Christ. Here are some of our ministries:

Twice a week we travel to Rajapallayam to the Medical clinic at Mt. Zion, Rajapallayam to conduct our medical services. 50 to 63 patients are treated every Wednesday and Saturday.

We travel to Ayardharmam medical clinic, every last Friday of the month. Gospel is preached to the villagers and then medical help is rendered. On every visit, 50 patients attend in the two hours' time.

We do ministering among the blind brothers and sisters who are less fortunate and their needs are great. They are all in need of basic help like education to their children and the rent for their houses and a small amount to start a business of their own.

Please pray for our very small church, attended by many needy people who are not only in need of spiritual help but in need of physical help also. We conduct regular church services and Bible study, cottage meetings, fasting prayer meetings, and all-night prayer meetings.

We are so blessed to have been called into His service.

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